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Print, Scan and Work Remotely - Windows Applications from Any Device!
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With hosted applications, leave the desktop behind, jump directly to your applications, and run them like you do on local PC (PCoIP), anywhere and from any device.


No need to have IT "Guy" in your Business anymore. No need to buy 100 Software Licenses for 100 Computers, you need only 1 License. Its Better than VDI.


Total Virus Proof Protection. Take advantage of our Supercomputers which fit Your Needs whether its regular Office or 3D Design. All Data is Encrypted.

More products

Do you need more Users? Do you need more storage? Do you want to have Cloud Apps Server On-premise in your Data Center or Office? We will help!

Shortly about us

Who we are and our goals

We are professional group of network engineers with new ideas of how to create an affordable solution to manage business to help Business owners cut their expenses more than in half, and to help people who are looking for job to find perfect job without need to be in the office full-time. Our services will let you manage Your Business Remotely. You can access your Information, work with your Windows Applications, Use Single License for many PCs Anytime, Anywhere and from Any device.

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New Way of doing Business

Remember Old School business? Tons of papers, bills, high cost Computers and lack of time, standing in car jams, employees are getting late for work and tired, which leads to ineffective Work Force. Well those days are over. Our Cloud Services will help you to lower your Business Expenses, free up your personal time, work from Any Devices (Apple, Android, Linux, Microsoft, and Zero Clients). Never lose Data due to Hurricanes, Power outages and other factors.

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