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In this section you will find all needed Documentation and User Guides to help you use our services at maximum. Along with progress Documentation & User Guides section will grow.

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You will find all news and articles along with progress of Cloud Industry to keep you entertained, provide you with more knowledgeable and to help you stay up-to-date. Along with progress this section will grow.

Billing & Payment Center

Plenty of paperwork crosses your desk. CloudBam helps you reduce that stack, creating a more efficient paperless process. E-mail notifications let you know when new invoices are available, and our billing software lets you set additional alerts such as payment due reminders and payment confirmations.

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Make it easy for customers to ask for help with a customizable contact form. Submissions are dynamically added to the universal inbox, so agents can help right away.

FAQ (Here you can find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What devices can be used to access my application?

2. What applications are available in the Cloud Hosted Applications library?

4. Will my Users be able to Print locally?

5. Will my Users be able to Scan locally?

6. Will my Users be able to use Web Camera locally in order to have Video Conference?

7. Will my application still work with multiple monitors?

8. Can Users share and have private storage and workspaces?

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